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Our goals for your visit are that your child undergo a thorough and timely evaluation, receive a correct diagnosis, and be prescribed an appropriate treatment. We desire that you have a complete understanding of your child’s condition and plan by the time you leave the office. We respect the families we care for, and we place a premium on accomplishing all this in a gentle, confidential, and friendly manner.

Your first stop will be the front desk where you’ll be given forms to fill out asking about contact and insurance information as well as a medical history form. Please bring your insurance card with you. Incidentally, we work with all private insurance carriers, Tenncare, and select Kentucky Medicaid.

After the initial paper work is completed, you’ll then be taken to our intake room where our medical assistant will measure a height, weight, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure. An EKG will be performed unless you have brought a recent high quality copy with you.

If your child is a breast feeding baby and gets hungry before seeing the doctor, DO feed him or her. If bottle fed, please DON’T.

Your next stop will be the physician room where your doctor will discuss the medical history and perform a complete cardiac physical examination. If an echocardiogram is necessary, it will be performed immediately. Your cardiologist will then discuss the results of the evaluation with you and prescribe a treatment plan.

Following your time with your doctor, you will check out at the front desk and schedule a follow-up appointment if needed. Don’t forget to request a school or work excuse form if you require one.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the care of your loved one, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our service to your family!

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To schedule an appointment or for more information please call our offices at 865-971-6897.

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