Diagnostic and treatment services available in our office

  • Advanced echocardiographic imaging capabilities: Located on site are two high resolution echocardiographic imaging systems. Drs. Bremer and Liske perform the scanning themselves right in the office after they examine the patient, and provide you with an immediate interpretation of the images, allowing a seamless office evaluation. All images are acquired and stored digitally, allowing the doctors to immediately compare current and prior studies.
  • Our pediatric echocardiography lab is the only one in Knoxville that is certified by the Intersociatal Accreditation Commission.
  • Fetal cardiology

  • Management of the adult with complex congenital defects: These patients typically require a multi-disciplinary approach, with input from a number of physicians. We are pleased to provide the diagnostic imaging and cardiac management care specific for each heart condition to complement the care provided by the patient’s primary care physician (and adult cardiologist in some situations.) Please see Cardiac Conditions We Care For and Our Team for more information.
  • Pacemaker interrogation and management: A patient with “heart block” may need a life-long pacemaker. These devices require scheduled “interrogation” to ensure that the battery life is sufficient and that the internal wires are conducting energy appropriately. We perform this service in our office, and we also coordinate with patients for their telephonic pacemaker checks.
  • Electrocardiography (EKG): Standard 12 lead EKG’s are often performed during a patient’s office evaluation. The results are discussed with the family at the time of the visit.
  • 24 hour Holter and 30 day event monitors: These monitors are used to capture heart rhythm disorders. We use the latest generation equipment for accurate diagnoses, and for your convenience, we use a mail-in system for equipment returns.

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