Fetal Cardiology

  • Drs. Bremer and Liske are the only pediatric cardiologists in Knoxville with advanced fellowship training in fetal echocardiography, diagnosis, management, and counseling. They have more than three decades of cumulative experience, are published authors in their field, and have personally scanned more than 1000 patients. One of our doctors has recently held a faculty position with the Vanderbilt Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program, training the next generation of cardiologists in advance fetal imaging.

  • Our fetal echocardiography lab is the only one in Knoxville that is certified by the Intersociatal Accreditation Commission.

  • Our doctors personally scan each patient. The family is then counseled without delay in a comfortable setting, using patient-friendly diagrams to explain the cardiac condition and surgical approaches if needed.

  • Some of our most frequent referrals from obstetricians include:

    • suspected heart disease on obstetrical scanning
    • fetal arrhythmias
    • family history of congenital heart disease
    • fetal chromosomal defects such as trisomy 21
    • presence of other congenital anomalies that may be associated with heart defects
    • maternal conditions such as PKU, rubella exposure, certain anticonvulsant exposures, or insulin dependent diabetes if there are concerns of cardiac involvement
    • complex twinning

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